Breaking In the Brooks Ravenna

Ok. So far I've logged in about 70+ kms in this baby and so far the feeling is great. For stability shoes I'd say this one is particularly light. During my first 10km test run, i felt no pain at all from the knees that had been bugging me for some time. So i suppose the support thing has been really working for me. The fit is quite snug so you don't have to worry about you foot jerking up and about causing your foot horrible blisters.

tallying my runabouts:

1st run  10km -  no major pain, no blisters, ran with ease
2nd run  8kms - easy run, no major pain - shoe was very comfortable
3rd run 10kms - had a tiny blister on my right foot (im guessing from the socks), hard run due to sniffles
4th run 13kms - easy run, a bit fatigued after, blister in right foot resurfaced but easily subsided
5th run 10kms - hard run due to lack of sleep
6th run 16kms - right knee hurts a little after the 14th km mark, upper thighs feels sore after the run
7th run 8kms - hard run, knee still hurts a bit, had trouble breathing due to lack of sleep
8th run ??? - today we'll see how it goes.

Next Sunday I'm off to the half marathon. (wish me luck!) So far so good with this shoes, though I'm kinda scared since my knees started hurting after the 16km run (it doesn't hurt now, but we'll see later). Hope it doesn't happen on the race day. I might buy some knee band later just to be sure :)


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